Chief’s Message

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Pride, CourageHonor, Dedication

    I am Chief Jay Foster and it has been my honor to lead this district and it’s awesome group of volunteers for the last 14 years . When I took over in 2007 we had three volunteers and very limited resources. Some of the problems we faced were manpower, equipment, funding and a bigger station.

We have met several goals one being a lower insurance rating from a 9 to a 8A.  The lower the number the better the rating. Our next insurance rating goal is the tender credit which would reduce us to a 8.  FD5’s  next goal we have met is much newer airpacks.  We got a donation of  newer units from Newman Lake Fire / Rescue.  We are working on a light to medium duty rescue vehicle donated to us from Pend Oreille Fire District 4.  POCFD-5 will be running  two full class A pumpers to structure fires for the first time in the history of our district.  We can only do this for the summer do to limited space at Station 51. POCFD-5 will continue to strive to be the bet it can be within our budget limitations.

There are still some items we can’t get donated.  FD-5 in order to lower the districts insurance rating must have more water on wheels. The best way to accomplish that is with combination engine / water tenders or pumper-tenders. Theses units are more expensive.   The fire district’s turn out gear for interior firefighting gear will need replacing in 2020 and its something that can’t be donated. We are only allowed 10 years on this gear.  Station space is limited with the need for extra bays at station 51 along with building a bigger Station 52 further South and constructing or storing a unit up North.

Chief Foster  is recruiting volunteers   You learn  a new  skill set and  save lives and property.  You must be a life long learner and there are always new things to learn and practice the old ones.  If you live in Fire District 5  or within 5 miles of our boundary and would like to join  a great team of people  then call or e-mail  me Chief Jay Foster at 509-671-2286 or Thank you for viewing our website.