Wildfire Season is Coming




With the mild winter and dry conditions this year.  Pend Oreille County could see a very hot and dangerous wildfire season.  BE PREPARED by landscaping your yard or property for fire safety.  There are many ways you can landscape your yard to make it fire resistant.   Keep your yard green and trimmed. Green trimmed grass doesn’t burn very easily.  Limb your trees up at 10 feet so a fire will stay on the ground.  Have a fire resistant roof and clean your gutters  Wood shake roofs burn rapidly when they catch fire.   Remove old limbs, duff or logging slash from your property.  Move fire wood  away from your home as these will turn your home into a match box.

FIREWISE is a program that will help landowner and homeonwers prepare their land for a wildfire.  They can provide infomation on how to make your place wildfire resistant. There are  grants through FIREWISE  to have contractors come out and do the work for you.   If you are interested in FIREWISE then call Chief Jay Foster at 509-671-2286 or Email him at chief@pofd5.org